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Instant Gramification

Instagram seems to have blown up lately. It's a quick way of sharing our lives with pictures.  Here are some of my favourites from the @amnesiaskateboards instagram account. Nothing like a well worn in board and scratched up graphic. Simon Lyddiard designed this logo and the cool thing about it is that our OG logo is right there in the middle. Hanging out. This would be a classic photo for a caption comp. A picture tells a thousand words. If you've ever seen this gap at Newcastle Uni then you know how gnarly this is. Simon Lyddiard. City shot by...

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Lyddiard's Halloween Ramp Jam

Photos: Jack GrayVideo: Jesse Ambrose Lyddiard held a ramp jam for Halloween at his place. Don't snake the rampboss. Troy, 5-0 from hell. Tomy. Troy with an evil backside noseblunt. Turtle / Hulk. Toom time.  

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Amnesia proudly welcomes Simon Lyddiard

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SIMON LYDDIARD ON AMNESIA Simon Lyddiard is a skateboarding at it's rawest. We're proud to welcome Simon to the team and are stoked to be working with him. Simon's welcome clip: "It's great to have another guy from Newcastle on the team. Simon has been throwing down since the ledge wax/FUBU days, WELCOME BRO!" Jono Power.

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