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Morgan Campbell Interview - CLS

Morgan Campbell is a busy man. He's the main writer for the SbA blog, works on the numerous events SbA hold around the country and represents The 4 Skateboard company. When we were putting the CLS deck design together we thought it would be fitting to have a piece of writing printed on top of the deck to tell the story of CLS. Asking Morgan to write it was a no brainer and we're honoured that he accepted our request. Read more about it in the interview below and in the words of the man himself: "Cheers Tiger!". First of...

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Phil Mackie - CLS Interview

Phil Mackie Interview. Introduction by Tim Liu. Interview by Yeoh and Facebook fans.The first time I saw Phil skate was at a Bondi Comp around '93. I didn't know who he was, but he stood out during the practice sessions to me. Maybe it was because he skated the way a lot of people in the videos did at the time. Tech with power and speed with style, which if you were around at the time would know, often didn't go hand in hand. I was already rolling with Mick Yuen and Davo a fair bit, so it was only...

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