What wood you do?

Over the years we've worked with a bunch of wood shops from all corners of the world in an effort to make the best product we can for the Amnesia community.

Nothing ruins a good session more than a board that just doesn't seem quite right. Concave a little bit off, truc holes not centered, nose and tail a little short (remember that one), delams and weak wood can definitely kill the vibe. We've ended relationships with suppliers and started new ones in a hope of finding that perfect deck that will meet our expectations. Call us fussy.

After a long journey of 19 years which started in 1994 with Cary Pogson making our decks down in Ulladulla at Omni Boards, we've arrived a junction where we think we may have reached what we have been searching for all these years.

Amnesia are happy to share with you the news that our decks are now being pressed, shaped and printed by DSM Manufacturing. We believe in the product DSM produces and are looking forward to releasing our first series on DSM wood next month.

We want to thank you for sticking around on this journey and as always we welcome your feedback as it guides us in everything we do. Feel free to share us your thoughts, positive, negative or indifferent.

Cheers Chris Yeoh

DSM - Dwindle Wood


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