BOC: Flowdog 1994

Today's beer o'clock video is the Flowdog promo. Flowdog was a short lived board company out of Melbourne in 1994. I remember they used the Wella shampoo logo on their boards which were made by Cary Pogsun at Omni.

We had a copy of this promo clip back in 94 when Stephen Justice sent us a footage tape that had the Flowdog promo on it, but it had a full soundtrack including Gangstarr, The Pharcyde etc. The version in front of you is a more stripped down edit (musically) but has all the classic parts from Melbourne's elite of the time: Ben Harriss, Jason Ellis, Edward Martin, Greg Stewart & Ryan Denereaz. Filmed and edited by Greg Stewart (FeeIITKnowITShowIT).

Ryan Denereaz was way ahead of his time and made everything look so easy.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

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