Luke Holdstock Photography

Congratulations to Newcastle photographer Luke Holdstock who took first place in the latest photo comp with this black and white shot of Amnesia rider Ian Gray. The comp was judged by Omar Salazar who said the following:"After a thorough examination of all the photos I have made my decision. I must say it wasn't an easy one. I changed my mind many times. All the photos taken have the looks of professionals. So great job everyone! The future of U all look very bright. With that said, the photo I have chosen is the black and white backside wall ride. I am a fan of black and white photos myself and I noted it was the only black and white of all of them. I also chose it because it is the most "street" feel shot of all. It gave a rough feel as well having the graffiti on the wall, with a timeless trick added. So great job my Ozzy brothers. look forward to seeing more... ......Omar Salazar.....woooooo!" Nice work Luke, first place in the Slap Magazine photo comp and first place in the photo comp. International and domestic regognition.


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