Teeth for Reesy.

Melbourne skater Rees smashed his teeth out on Trevor Ward's vert ramp in Torquay the first weekend Trev set it back up. He was doing a frontside nosegrind, frontside grab in and slid out. Glenn Scott and friends have been kind enough to organise a fund raiser. Teeth For Rees is a Skate/BBQ and the Biggest Skate Raffle Ever happening this Sunday at Prahran Skatepark in Melbourne.

If you can't make it down you can still get involved by buying tickets in the raffle and have the chance of winning a whole swag of product including some decks from Amnesia. Raffle tickets are $5 each via PayPal, email address the payment is reesyraffle@hotmail.com. More info here.

Teeth For REES

Rees with no teeth. Reesy Teeth

The bite marks he left in the skatelite on the ramp. That shit is like steel... So nuts!Bite Mark

What you can win in the raffle.Product Picture 1 sml

Product Picture 2 sml



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