Jono Power Interview

Jono Power Interview

Jono Power Interview. Intro/Interview by Chris Yeoh, extra questions by the Fans.

Back in 2007 Darren Kaehne and I were at Waterloo Skatepark to watch Ian Gray compete in an ‘Es Game of Skate comp. Ian had come down with some Newcastle crew and most of them were in the comp too. After one of Ian’s mates had finished a game of skate Darren said to me “Keep an eye on this guy, he’s got some pop.” That mate of Ian’s was Jono Power.  For those that know Darren he has an uncanny ability to spot raw talent years before anyone else. Sure enough within a couple of years Jono was on the team and ever since he’s been pushing the level of street skating in Newcastle to new levels.  Sometimes referred to as Nollie Power, Jono is a calm individual who puts his heart into everything he does in life. I'm stoked to know the guy.

- Chris Yeoh.

Have you always lived in the Newcastle area?

Yep, born in Waratah Hospital and grew up in Cardiff.

The Diff! When did you start skating and who were your influences coming up?

I started skating when I was about 10 years old, in the Diff my influences were Stevie Linhart and Benny Mulherin those guys ripped the Diff aha! As I got older I looked up to guys like Ian Gray and Jev Hollis.

When did you pop your first nollie? Has it always been a favourite?

Hahah fuckkk probably when I was like 14 or 15, I used to suck so bad at skating nollie compared to the other people I skated with. That's probably what made me skate nollie as much as I do. Yeah nollie is always the go to trick, it just comes easier aha.

What keeps you busy in Newy? You're studying right?

Yeah right now I'm studying Psychology full time and working part time, so that keeps me pretty busy.

Nice one. Do you find yourself psycho-analysing people or situations?

Haha people always ask me this! Nah not really, I mean if I see someone tripping out or acting strange I might think like they have schizophrenia or anxiety or something but nah I don't study people too much.

That's good to know. What's the Newy skate scene like these days? Who do you go for a roll with?

It's getting better, there have been a lot of new spots pop up in the last couple of months, also guys like Daniel Sparrow and Simon Lyddiard have been shooting photos so it's sort of giving unknown guys a bit of coverage. Normally I'll skate with ASAP Ricky, Taita, Azza Gray, Jesse Ambrose and Simon Lyddiard.

A lot of good skaters have come out of Newy. Who are the young up and comers that you would rate?

Ahh right now Levi is killing it and ASAP Ricky has been throwing lifestyle hammers left, right and centre, look for his part in da homiez video. Definitely rate Nathan Zahra as well.

[quote]Probably about 30 pairs of Janoskis I'd say[/quote]

Having grown up in Newy I know how sketchy it can get at night, I witnessed some crazy shit. Any stories you care to share?

Aha yeah sketchy stuff is always going down. Probably one of the most sketchiest things happened at Diff skatepark one night after a party. This carload of guys rocked up each with a baseball bat and just started going crazy on everyone, fair few people got hit it was gnarly, it was like something out of grand theft auto 5.

Been making any beats lately?

No, I wish!! I never really had the time to get into it with Uni and stuff I ended up selling the beat maker to a mate.

So your producing days are over, you've retired?

Yeah pretty much aha I'll just be a fan for now, who knows I might get a beat maker further down the track.

How many pairs of Janoskis do you recon you've worn over the years? (@zaccconnell via facebook)

Probably about 30 pairs of Janoskis I'd say.

You've been filming a bunch of clips lately. When will they be available on the youtubes?

Not too sure at the moment, hopefully by the end of the year I'll drop another part.

Why can't you go anywhere without Taita?  (via facebook)

'Cause no one else in Newcastle skates street.

Why do you always make me shoot sequences?  (via facebook)

Because I have no tricks that you can shoot stills of.

When are you moving out of the 'diff' and down to Sydney.  (via facebook)

I live in Maryland...

Why so much diff pride?  (via facebook)

I think I stopped having Diff pride the same day I stopped wearing fitted new era hats.

Why do you skate so much better the day after partying?  (via facebook)

Probably because I think less and I don't get so OCD about stuff.

Any last words: 

Just want to thank all my sponsors: Amnesia Skateboards, Nike SB, 5050 skateshop, Picture Wheels, Modus Bearings and Theeve trucks for hooking me up! Shoutout to Lyddiard, Cam & Sparrow for shooting the photos. Also Jesse for putting the clip together! Ahhh what else Taita you've lost it mate... and Ricky get off the gear you mad c#nt!

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