Amnesia Ramp Jam BBQ

Amnesia Ramp Jam BBQ

Newcastle is where this brand was born and it is also the home of many of the Amnesia pals that have supported the brand since 94. We had a private ramp jam BBQ at Simon Lyddiard's compound to launch the new range of Amnesia decks and also as an excuse to get loose and catch up with friends we hadn't see for a while. The ramp was sessioned hard by all those willing, including Phil and Macca from team Kingpin. Troy Nicholas was taking it to the extension with some heavy combos including   a back tail shove. The barbie was fired up and the snags were destroyed. Thanks for Simon and Erin for being hosts of the event and everyone who came out and showed their support. Let's do it again soon.All photos: Nicholas Carr.

Troy Nicholas, frontside rock.

Skate videographer Jolon Hodson & lady friend.

Amnesia produce.

Phil Bilingsby was MVP of the day/night.

Team Gray.

Matty Dillon.

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